The Green voted ‘Best Place to Hang’ on Kennesaw campus

The Green voted ‘Best Place to Hang’ on Kennesaw campus

Every year, The Sentinel asks hundreds of students from both campuses about their favorite places to eat, drink and hang out. The Sentinel’s “Best of KSU” issue encompasses students’ favorite aspects of KSU and the surrounding community. In 2017, The Green was voted Best Hangout Spot by the Kennesaw campus students.

The Green serves as a central gathering area for students at KSU. During the week, you can find many organized activities in progress as well as impromptu relaxation by students.

When spring finally makes its way to the area, students lose the layers and grab their Eno’s, blankets and sunglasses to soak up the beaming sun. The Green is spacious enough for large groups of people to play games like flag football and soccer. Often you can find several games being played at once.

A lot of fraternities and sororities host their events on The Green because it receives the most amount of traffic during the day. Information tables offer raffles, contests and cookouts where student organizations recruit and spread awareness. Occasionally, there are even fundraisers that involve dunking a fraternity brother or pie-ing a professor.

During the week, especially in the evening, many students like to lay on the lush grass and study with friends under the sunset. This is the time of day when books are scattered and people are enjoying the fresh air as a healthier alternative to studying indoors.

After the hustle and bustle of the week, The Green is quietest on Sunday evenings. You can usually find only a couple students in sight, maybe jogging on the track, listening to birds chirp in the bordering trees. Sundays are The Green’s day off, most dedicated to appreciating it for what is truly is — KSU’s oasis, a path of nature particularly landscaped for students to spend more time outdoors and interacting with one another.

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