CYAAR hosts cannabis forum to disprove common myths

Kennesaw State’s Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery hosted a forum titled “It’s just a little pot” to debunk common cannabis myths on Tuesday, September 1.

At the forum, students were given succulents to prompt conversation and questions about myths related to marijuana. Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Coordinator Lindsay Montgomery said that the event began as a simple play on words and that the CYAAR wanted to address one of the most common phrases that they encounter.

“One of the phrases we hear a lot is ‘it’s just a little weed'”. Montgomery said. “We really just wanted to debunk that myth and have an event where students could have a takeaway.”

The CYAAR aims to inform students that any drug will have a different effect from person to person.

The team stressed that it is best to be informed on how substances can become addictive even if they do not seem like an issue at the time. Montgomery was joined at the forum by Assistant Director Jason Callis.

“People always say ‘What’s the big deal? It’s legal in some states,'”. Montgomery said. “Cannabis is an addictive substance and those who use it can become addicted.”

Montgomery has been with the CYAAR for eight years now. She began the program as a student and is now serving students once in her position as a coordinator for the center.

“It’s been an amazing journey to be able to be a student in the program and see how someone in recovery can get a college education,” Montgomery said. “And then to be able to go in and do that same thing for others is really awesome.”

Many students from KSU stopped by the event for the free succulents and ended up gaining some valuable knowledge on cannabis.

Junior musical theatre major Shane Byous said he has recently gotten into gardening and saw the succulents and stopped because of them and struck up a conversation with the CYAAR staff members.

“I believed before that marijuana was only a gateway drug for some people until I stopped at the table,” Byous said. “And having the succulent as a small reminder is really cool.”

Other students stopped by because they have friends who are in recovery from addiction and felt as if the knowledge they gained could help them be supportive during that process.

Sophmore media and entertainment major Laralee Wright said she believes that so many people her age would benefit from the information shared.

“No one realizes that they’re addicted to something until a real addiction is formed.” Wright said. “I believe this knowledge could be really powerful.”

The CYAAR hosts workshops, recovery meetings, and many other events year round. A list of events and opportunities can be found on their website.

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