Letter to the Editor: Of thanks, loving KSU, and introverts

Letter to the Editor: Of thanks, loving KSU, and introverts

Dear Editor,

My name is Kathleen Gildea and I am an adjunct in the Psych Dept for the pat 16 years.  I always read the school paper when I’m on campus each Saturday and I want to take this opportunity to compliment you on the very nice job you are doing. Specifically, two articles in the Nov. 18th edition were very well written and I particularly enjoyed both.

1.  Mike Foster’s article about loving KSU warmed my heart.  so many of our students come to KSU, just as he did, feeling they’ll go “one year” and then transfer to the “big” college 🙂  I earned my bachelor’s degree at KSU (in psychology) in 1982.  By the way, the first year they gave a degree in psychology and, I believe that was also the same year they became Kennesaw University, a four year college.

I was a “non-traditional” (older) student and became involved in several organizations on campus and, like Mike Foster, when it was time for me to graduate I was amazed at all the learning and growing I did even outside of the classroom.

So, kudos to Mr. Foster.  You do us proud, as they say.  and, it was a beautifully written article.

2.  The second article (same edition) was written by Ashli Howell regarding “holidays for introverts.”

Now there is no need for me to disclose my age here but let me tell you that I felt that someone had hit me in the head with a 2×4!  I’ve been a clinical therapist for many years, in addition to teaching, and this article simply amazed me. when my children were growing up (in their teens) my daughter called to my attention on holiday season how I became a rather “difficult” person (not the word she used) every year around the holidays.  I could have attributed that to any number of things.  But when I read Ms. Howell’s article – BHAM!  There it is!

I’ve always known that in my deepest heart I am an introvert, someone who prefers quiet and small groups, etc.  I don’t do well with cocktail chit-chat, small talk, etc. ….and she simply nailed it in her article! (she should send me a bill for this marvelous insight)

So I wanted, certainly, to let her know how much I appreciate this epiphany this late in my life.  And, once again, a very very well written article.

Thank you, Sentinel, and the oftentimes wonderful contributors who write for you.  This issue simply demanded that I write you and say thanks.

Kathleen M. Gildea, M.Ed., LMFT
Adjunct/Psychology Department

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