Letter to The Editor: KSU students nice in ice

Letter to The Editor: KSU students nice in ice





Dear Editor,

On the afternoon of January 28th, my wife and I found ourselves hopelessly trapped on I75 Southbound due to the ice. By 10:00 PM we could see the sign for Exit 271; and that is where we spent the night!

About 8:00 AM the following morning, young men and women started coming around in groups of 2-4 with their backpacks full of water bottles and home assembled bags of “treats”. When they came to our car window , the first question was “Are you OK?”. When we assured them that we were doing fine; water bottles, fruit, peanut butter crackers, etc. came thru the window in zip lock bags. For a 78 and 79 year old couple who had just spent the night on the highway, these positive, energetic young people (from where we did not know) doing their best to help was a very welcome site.

We finally exited the highway, at exit 271, about 2:00 PM on January 29th. It was then that we realized our help had come from Kennesaw State students. What a great way they represented the University!

In whatever way you communicate to the student body, please express our sincere appreciation for their help–most importantly the simple question “Are you OK?”.

Thank you, 

Jan & Jim Nolan

Naperville, IL

March 18, 2014

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