The Best Way to Settle an Argument is Sex

Relationships are a complex mixture of emotions, fear, frustration and a dash of happiness. In essence, they are somewhat like cruise ships. They aren’t designed to sink but sometimes they do. There are many reasons as to why relationships fail: smelly feet, financial compromises and status updates. But that more or less isn’t what this article is about. I’m presenting a working theory on the basis that sex has the power to cure if not all most monogamous issues.

These issues put unneeded stress on the relationships and can be solved by a simple method, sex. Sex allows for the argument to be placed on hold and lets the partners work out their aggression allowing them both to come to the table with cooler heads. This theory can be controversial for its support of sex over communication.

Collectively, my peers disagreed. They thought the theme to their answers was that sex is a temporary bandage. Even if sex is a temporary bandage, why is that a bad thing? These arguments consume our minds and are typically temporary. Couples tend to resolve their problems in the same pattern, by talking. How would we be living to our full potential if we did everything one way? There is nothing wrong with that approach but I’m presenting a different option, a nice bonk. Sex releases hormones, such as serotonin, which in turn relaxes the body and lowers stress levels. Even though they have experienced these happy-feelings after sex, they still find it crude to use sex as a tool.

A student gave me an example where he was intimate with a girl who wanted to define their relationship. He used sex to divert the foreseen argument. This is a bad idea. I am claiming that sex helps solves arguments, not avoid them. For instance, another student continues to have an argument about the location of peanut butter that she shares with her partner. In the midst of the argument or an argument of this nature, they should start becoming intimate with one another. Whether that is a kiss or a gentle touch the emotions and connections that begin to form diverts your attention, easing the tension and the current issue’s importance becomes lessened. It is more likely that the problem will be addressed more calmly or not at all. It’s not that a couple will be avoiding the issue at hand it is more of a mutual understanding that it’s not as high priority or rather imperative as it seems. Consider those intimate gestures as a soothing mechanism. Softly rubbing your partners back or arms could effortlessly diffuse the stressful situation. I’m not saying sex is the answer to all problems. I am saying that trying a different approach or position could surprisingly change your view on the present problem. So the next time you and your partner have a disagreement try working it out by working it out.

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  1. Joe Fann
    March 26, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I can understand the misconception on this part; the idea that of you are having sex then at the core of the relationship you still love each other. This train of thought, however, has lead to many relationships that ended in ways that caused more grief and hurt than just admitting that maybe the relationship should not continue unless the relationship was based off of sex to begin with.
    In a relationship, if you cannot communicate beyond getting naked, then look at it what it is, a sexual agreement between 2 people. I am sure that most of the men who read this agreed with you and possibly cheered you on, but realistically this approach will cause more problems that it solves