KSU Dining employee gives insight into COVID-19 on campus

A Kennesaw State Dining employee has come forward with information regarding COVID-19 on campus. 

The employee, who wished to stay anonymous to protect their identity and employment, received a GroupMe message on Sept. 9 containing a screenshot of a Facebook post about a Kennesaw campus Chick-fil-a employee who tested positive for COVID-19. The Facebook post claims the Chick-fil-a employee was tested for COVID on Tuesday, Sept. 1, and continued to work through Friday, Sept. 4. Little information about the incident was given to employees.

“I wasn’t told until a week after and I had to miss work because of it,” the anonymous employee said.

The employee was notified via an email from the KSU COVID Dedicated Operations Center on Thursday, Sept. 10 that they had been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. The email stated the employee had been exposed on or around Sept. 4 while at Kennesaw State and they were advised to leave campus and quarantine until Sept. 18. 

The employee tested negative for COVID-19 after receiving this email and followed the CDC guidelines for quarantining. They do not know how many other KSU Dining employees had to quarantine, but they said they worked with many people on Friday, Sept. 4. 

“A lot of people go to Chick-fil-a and buy food so it’s not just the employees, it’s also the students that are at risk,” they said.

The Facebook post was also uploaded to the Wildfire app where a Kennesaw campus Moe’s employee commented that they have to go to the back of the Chick-fil-a to close on Fridays and were not notified by management about the incident. KSU Dining has a stockroom behind the Chick-fil-a where most of the stock for the restaurants gets shipped so many employees go into that room throughout the workday. 

According to the KSU Coronavirus Information and Resources webpage, there were 104 reported cases of COVID-19 during the week of Sept. 5 through Sept. 11 including individuals working or studying remotely.

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