OPINION: Students should take time to learn musical intruments

OPINION: Students should take time to learn musical intruments

Learning a new instrument in 2020 has become more accessible than ever — from online learning resources to affordable options for instruments. Because of mental benefits and increased accessibility, Kennesaw State students should consider using their free time in college to learn how to play an instrument.

The constantly changing nature of the music industry brings music to people who could not previously afford it. Students can find inexpensive and portable keyboards and guitar beginner kits on Amazon, which they can use to learn these new skills.

In addition to he benefits of purchasing these instruments, resources for learning instruments are also accessible.

Students can download applications like JoyTunes’ Simply Piano to learn piano or Yousician for guitar, ukulele and bass.

“When I began writing music, I truly found the best possible outlet to express myself creatively,” sophomore media and entertainment major Joseph Hawkins said. “Through the limitless online learning opportunities available, anyone can start their journey as a musician.”

The complex experience of playing an instrument — which requires the use of multiple senses and movements — can result in positive changes in the brain. Because playing a musical instrument can improve long-term memory, musicians are found to be more mentally alert than those who cannot play an instrument, according to Inc.

Learning to play an instrument also has long-term benefits related to aging by helping preserve the sharp processing of speech sounds and increasing the brain’s resilience to age-related declines in hearing, according to Inc.

The cognitive benefits of learning an instrument should push students to use their free time in college to benefit themselves both while they are in school and later into their lives. Social benefits include increased coordination, contact and cooperation with others, according to Greater Good Magazine.

For some, playing an instrument can be an outlet that helps with ambition and self-confidence and can lead to finding one’s place in life. Once someone is committed and begins to appreciate the learning process, it becomes a passion.

From this sense of passion, playing instruments can then bring people together and can allow the formation of bonds by using their musical skills to form a band or ensemble. When people try to synchronize musically, musicians can feel positive social feelings toward those with whom they are harmonizing, according to Greater Good Magazine.

Whether students decide to pick up an instrument for the social and cognitive benefits, there is no shortage of reasons why students should make the call to learn to play something. With the opportunity to learn instruments becoming more and more available, students should make a point to expand their horizons and learn a new instrument.

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