Club of the Week: College Libertarians of KSU

Club of the Week: College Libertarians of KSU

College Libertarians of Kennesaw State centers around the political ideology of Libertarianism, which is grounded in the principle of expanding individual liberty.

“Many students would enjoy the ideas behind the Libertarian Party, as it allows individuals to live freely as long as one is not infringing upon the rights of another,” said Club President Javid Ona.

The Libertarian community stresses the idea that “each individual is sovereign over their lives and may choose to engage in any activities that are peaceful and voluntary,” according to Ona.

The group believes that Libertarian concepts could expand students’ political horizons.

“The Republican and Democrat parties have pretty much morphed into the same thing,” Ona said. “The constitutional republic we have was never designed or intended to merely be held by two parties. Third parties and independents will pave this country’s future.”

College Libertarians of KSU invites students to help make a difference in the nation by caring about its future and possibilities.

The club believes that it is important for students to be able to communicate political ideas professionally in an environment where their opinions can be heard and safely shared, as well as learn how to properly debate with others in open-minded and respectful discussions.

Many events and activities take place at meetings, debates, panels, free speech events, guest speakers and more.

All students are welcome to attend events and be active participants in the club. Meetings are held on the third floor of the student center on the Kennesaw campus every Friday at 11:15 a.m.

To find more information about College Libertarians of KSU check out their Facebook and Twitter.

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