OPINION: KSU Greek life brings a plethora of opportunities for students

OPINION: KSU Greek life brings a plethora of opportunities for students

Greek life has been a part of Kennesaw State’s history for several decades, and there are now 32 fraternities and sororities and over 2,000 members, according to KSU’s Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life. With such a large number of members, Greek life at KSU has been able to provide many students with a wide range of positive experiences that impact them for life.

Students involved in sororities and fraternities are able to develop their social skills and create potentially lifelong friends and colleagues in this environment.

“For me, the best part about my sorority is the friendships you make and the circles that you are a part of,” junior art major Maggie McCulloch said. “Through community service, there are a lot of friendships you can make even outside your organizations. I think [Greek life] benefits your time in college and enhances the experience.”

In addition to these connections, students are also able to bond with upperclassmen for the four years they spend on campus. Members have unique chances for one-on-one mentoring that they might not be able to get if they were not in a fraternity.

Additionally, business connections can be a great benefit to Greek life. Many fraternities and sororities have connections with local or national corporations that are sponsors or employers of alumni.

“I am very grateful to be apart of Sigma Pi,” senior international business major Wade Phillips said. “My fraternity brothers have helped me find business connections I needed.”

As a member of Greek life, a student has a better chance of finding employment if they are in good standing within their fraternity or sorority. Greek life students can use their upperclassman and group’s prior connections with the company of their interest, according to the University of New Mexico’s Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Academic opportunities are another great benefit to Greek life. Freshman members are encouraged by both their peers and upperclassmen to excel in their studies because they are considered a representative of said sorority or fraternity.

Depending on the core values, students in fraternities and sororities will do some form of community service throughout their college years. Also, some of these students will be asked to host or participate in putting together charity events or fundraisers.

Philanthropic activities also make members of Greek life organizations more appealing to potential employers. In addition to good grades and corporate connections, an employer would be more interested in hiring a Greek life student if they have done some form of community service.

“The best benefit I have received [in my sorority] is personal development,” senior middle grades education major Hannah Moore said. “When I was younger, I was shy and was never willing to get out of comfort zone. Having expectations in a sorority inspired me to be motivated and gave me the confidence to become more a leader.”

Whether it is through community service or hosting events, these opportunities will help a student develop as a person and give them the confidence to pass on these skills to future members.

Becoming a part of Greek life offers a plethora of benefits and a wealth of opportunities for students. These organizations offer students chances of making new friends, thriving academically, potential career opportunities and personal development. KSU students should welcome the chance to join a sorority or fraternity if they have not already — it will be an experience they will never forget.

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