Club of the Week: EcoOwls

Club of the Week: EcoOwls

The world can often seem overwhelming and unchangeable in the eyes of a college student but EcoOwls provides students the opportunity to make real differences toward a better Earth.

“EcoOwls is a large group, full of diverse students interested in the well-being of our planet and environment,” says President and Founder Jacob Stahl. “I believe this gives the members of this group the opportunity to work with others on causes they are passionate about while broadening their horizons in different studies and causes.”

EcoOwls focuses on “three main pillars: projects, education and networking.” Members of the organization can partake in different projects that aim to support the health of the environment and well being of the community.

While doing these projects they can also gain valuable knowledge and skills pertaining to working with nature.

“We help students find jobs in the environmental sector or help them incorporate environmentalism into their career,” Stahl says.

EcoOwls aims to fully prepare students to get their dream job. The projects and activities that students are able to partake in with EcoOwls can dramatically boost a resume.

Stahl says the club “provides leadership roles that display members’ experience and knowledge of responsibility and management to potential employers when applying for jobs.”

The club hosts a variety of events such as an upcoming clothing drive on Oct. 17 at the Kennesaw campus student center. Many people are desperate for winter clothing items and students can give back to those in need by donating jackets, shoes and other clothes.

The club, along with the geography department, will also be featuring a speech from Elizabeth Cline, the author of “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion” on Thursday, Oct. 26. The lecture will discuss the negative effects of the clothing industry on the environment.

“EcoOwls is also educating students on the meat industry and the benefits of a meatless diet for health and the environment as well as an inconceivable amount of food waste in the United States,” Stahl says.

All students at KSU are welcome to join. The club meets at 7:30 p.m., alternating every Tuesday and Wednesday in the lobby of the Social Sciences Building on the Kennesaw campus.

Each member receives a free t-shirt. Meetings include discussing and working on project ideas and discussions. For more information about this student organization, go to @EcoOwlsKSU on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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